At the very beginning of our business inception, gratitude for the greatness of mothers’ love has underpinned our vision. With gratitude and integrity in mind, we aspire to give back to numerous mothers and the society to the greatest extent possible. In classical Chinese, "Orange Daylily" or "Xuantang" has metaphorical meanings of mothers. In this sense, we named our band as “Yuexuantang” in a hope of bringing happiness to all moms in the world.


Our hearts are all connected
The flourishing daylily is the symbol of the enormous benefits we are grateful to have
With qualities of integrity and fairness that the world admires
We present you the finest products

This poem indicates the purpose of Yuexuantang: Always be grateful and sincere. Offering premium quality and affordable prices, we created the brand SYRINX to set a new trend in the industry. Yuexuantang upholds our original intention of gratitude, practices the promise of love and care, and realizes the value of life.



SYRINX, creates the beauty for all

·A glimpse of us

SYRINX® is affiliated to Hangzhou Yuexuantang Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (referred to as Yuexuantang). Yuexuantang established itself as a beauty and health company that engages in consultation and sales of cosmetics. Yuexuantang's deep commitment in love and beauty is the result of Hangzhou's unique geographical landscape and profound humanistic heritage. We are dedicated to maintaining standards of excellence and supporting the values of integrity, gratitude and commitment.