SYRINX is a brand owned and operated by
Hangzhou Yuexuantang Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Yuexuantang for short

Yuexuantang established itself as a beauty and health company that engages in the R&D, production, consultation and sales of cosmetics.


At the very beginning of our business inception, gratitude for the greatness of mothers’ love has underpinned our vision. With gratitude and integrity in mind, we aspire to give back to numerous mothers and the society to the greatest extent possible.


In the ancient China,"Orange Daylily" or "Xuantang" has metaphorical meanings of mothers. In this sense, we named our brand as “Yuexuantang”  with the hope of bringing happiness to all the mothers in the world.


Yuexuantang is based in the city of quality

Hangzhou’s blessed geographical location and strong humanistic atmosphere have forged insistence on love and beauty into our corporate genes. Yuexuantang always upholds the spirits of honesty and integrity, gratitude and dedication, and constant pursuit of quality.


Offering premium quality and affordable prices, we created the brand SYRINX to set a new trend in the industry.


Yuexuantang upholds our original intention of gratitude, practices the promise of love and care, and realizes the value of life.

What We Believe

The philosophy of premium quality is the cornerstone of the brand

From pre-production to the delivery to customers, Yuexuantang always puts quality and safety of products in the first place.


We adhere to the brand concept of seeking development from quality products in providing consumers with quality products and comprehensive services.


We strive to ensure that every consumer of Xuantang enjoy the best quality products at the most affordable prices.