Yuexuantang strive to bring together ingredients with good efficacy to bring women beauty and health. Our team includes excellent bio-medical and cosmetics R&D research fellows, as well as beauty consultants who have been engaged in health and beauty for many years. We spare no efforts to make you healthy and beautiful, and make you feel happy. From basic research, product R&D, mass production to quality control, Yuexuantang is committed to honest conducts for consumers' health and beauty, and aims for more technological breakthroughs to shape a healthy and beautiful future together with you.

In order to continuously develop high-quality products, we actively cooperate with scientific research institutions, universities and internationally renowned R&D enterprises, with R&D partnerships established with Zhejiang University, COSMAX from South Korea, KOLMAR from Japan and Taiwan's health research institutions. Together we have created a range of excellent products. For example, we and COSMAX together developed the popular SYRINX's Aqua Penetration. By carefully refining the ingredients of Asiatic birch sap, we create a whole new experience for cleaning products. In addition, SYRINX and KOLMAR from Japan together developed a tender and hydrating yeast toner - Facial Treatment Lotion, which is based on the upgraded cultivation of sake yeast and can effectively regulate sebum balance. There is also Squalane Pure Oil, a product jointly developed by us with KOLMAR and Kishimoto from Japan, which can effectively replenish skin moisture and leave skin supple and moisturized.


Water is the source of our life. 70% of the human body is composed of water. The human body will age if the ratio is less than this one. Skin dehydration will lead to dry skin, more wrinkles and even compromised memory. Life will be at risk when percentage of water in the human body falls to 50%. Life, which originated in the ocean, is nourished by water, and fetuses likewise live in amniotic fluid. The softness and hardness of water (i.e. the content of calcium and magnesium in water) affects human health. Water containing less soluble calcium and magnesium compounds is called soft water. For water exist in the nature, rainwater and snow water are soft water, springs, streams and rivers are temporary hard water while some groundwater is hard water, and distilled water is soft water processed artificially.

·Soft water can remove the dirt in skin cells, making the cleaned skin comfortable, shiny and delicate. Rich in organic minerals, soft water is often used for cleansing, getting rid of dryness, ringworm, dander and other problems, helping skin to recover elasticity, and making skin soft and shiny.

·Water is circulated around the clock at 85℃ to remove the metal ions and create pure water that is softer and purer than soft water. Soft and pure water becomes basic raw materials for high-quality lotion. When the skin is in a subhealth state, soft water may tenderly care for our skin and give it a fine and delightful touch, much like the breeze caressing our cheeks.


Fission yeast (Fission yeast IIB)


General yeast (budding yeast)


Skin brightening and whitening function: After three months of use, the melanin content in skin decreases. Continuous use of products containing yeast extract can brighten complexion, lighten melanin and lessen acne scars.

Wrinkle improvement: Healthy males aged 20 ~ 40 were enrolled to observe the wrinkle. The cream containing yeast extract was applied to the corner of the eyes twice a day in the morning and evening. After two months, the total area of wrinkles decreased.



Chitin is one of the most abundant natural resources on the earth, and it is also the only positively charged cellulose found in nature so far. Its molecular structure contains unsaturated cationic groups, so it can adsorb various harmful substances with negative charges. Similarly, it can also remove the "garbage" in human body and help people to prevent diseases. Given its unique function, chitin is hailed by European and US scientists as the sixth vital element of human body, ranking alongside protein, fat, sugar, vitamins and minerals.


Squalane, as a deep sea fish liver oil, can effectively regulate immune function and build up resistance. It is suitable for children, pregnant women, middle-aged and elderly people and people with low immunity caused by excessive fatigue. Squalene can provide oxygen and nutrients for cells, promote cell metabolism, and form sebum membrane on the outer layer of skin to keep out the damage of bacteria, dust and ultraviolet rays. Squalane is an important component of human sebum. Squalene and squalane are found in small amounts in the sebum produced by the skin's sebaceous glands. The human body can convert squalene into squalane. Although squalene and squalane have almost the same cosmetic effects, the molecular structure of squalene is unstable and easy to be oxidized, making it suitable to be enclosed in capsules and taken orally. Squalane is a stable pure oil, which is suitable for external use. Squalane is also a kind of lipid closest to human sebum, which has a high affinity and can be integrated with sebum membrane of human body to create a natural barrier on the skin surface, preventing the invisible loss of water.

Asiatic birch + Arbutin

Wild birch trees that grow along Lake Baikal in Russia show enormous vigor in the test of life and death above 50 degrees north latitude. We extract the sap essence that supports birch trees that are more than 20 years old. Drilling a small hole in the birch trunk In the early spring before germination will produce clear and transparent juice that are sweet and delicious. It is a superb health drink with rich nutrients to nourish skin and prevent aging. At the same time, Asiatic birch sap can form a natural protective film on the skin, which can effectively resist external injuries, lock in moisture and nutrition, and prevent harmful substances from entering skin from the outside.