Product quality is the cornerstone of an enterprise. Yuexuantang always puts quality and safety first even before the products are produced. For five steps (research, investigation, mass production, sales and after-sales) that range from R&D to after-sales service, each link is checked by our most experienced staff and quality monitoring to realize this concept, ensuring the quality and safety of each product.


Research stage: Gain the in-depth understanding of customer needs and environmental changes

According to the environmental characteristics of various regions and the skin care needs of local customers, as well as our science technology, we can identify the needs of customers and be updated with various skin and health issues caused by environmental changes. We then determine the development direction of products through science-based comprehensive analysis and years of experience in the fields of skin care and health.


Investigation stage: Careful investigation from multiple dimensions such as efficacy, composition, technology and customer experience

In order to realize the plan, we perform numerous tests to verify and validate the safety and efficacy of the products for human beings, in addition to ensuring that the product formula, container packaging design and other items are compliant. Constantly study and absorb the world-class scientific technology to create products suitable for consumers.

Mass production stage: Production management system formulated according to international standards

We follow the manufacturing and quality management standards of cGMP for excellent cosmetics, food and drug. We add more imported raw materials, such as squalane oil from Japan and ECO organic certified birch sap from Russia. Each batch of products are examined and tested at every stage of production, including repeated testing for quality, stability and safety. The quality monitoring system of different processes ensure the quality of each product.


Sales: Tutors, health consultants and product sales consultants with years of beauty experience

We remain focused on customer service with our profound expert knowledge on beauty and health, as well as the sound sales and service system. We keep recommending the most suitable products to customers, so they can feel confident using those products to become more healthy, beautiful, and happy.

After-sales: Considerate after-sales service

Even after the products have been delivered to customers, we continue to provide user suggestions to customers so they can use the products more effectively. We have a team of beauty consultants with years of experience in beauty, skin care and health preservation, who are always available to answer any questions from customers at any time.


Raw material safety

Yuexuantang carefully monitors the raw materials of all products, and conducts many analyses and testing to test and screen the safety of raw materials from many dimensions.


Quality management

In the process of production, we follow high standards of quality management. Low-cost raw materials and chemical components harmful to human body are avoided, and no cooperation with cheap factories is conducted. We follow the global cGMP quality standards, and never sacrifice quality in the sake of profit.


Repeated testing

In order to provide customers a good experience, all products have been tested and experienced repeatedly, and are backed by solid technical evidence and good experience feedback.